Our Generous Donors

We are indebted to many people, institutions, trusts, companies, schools and government departments who have enabled us to continue our work in uplifting our communities.


Year in and year out, you have remained loyal, responding to our many requests for help:

Naboweya Arendse
John and Bev Atkins
Ursula Badminton
Jean Beeton
Ian Boggon
Rory Bosman
Francis and June Boulle
Megan Brennan
Johan Brits
Fergus and Linda Carstairs-Rogers
Laurie and Rita Chiappini
Ivan Christian
Patti Cleveland
Greg Cleveland
Ann Corry
Darryl Cousins

Annette Doherty
Jan and Franka Dekker
Alison Dunn
Hugh Du Toit
Jenny and Bill Elder
Dot and Peter Fewell
John and Biddy Greene
Nicholas Francis Norton Green
Gill Greenwood
Katherine Hall
Jenny and Les Hall
Pancho Harding
Tessa and Veronica Harvey
Moira Irlam
Grant Irlam
Tim and Lyndsay Jackson

Sandra Johnstone
Tony and Michele Sellmeyer
Margie Brown
Robert and Ethel Kriger
Simon Larson
Will and Mariska Lemmer
Giovanni and Mariangela Lorenzi
Mev Mare
Julia Martin
Daniel, Peter and Valerie McConnell
Astrid McLeod
Dave and Jackie Micklewood
Sylvia Midgley
Annette Milner

John Montanari
Mel and Marlene Palmer
Janet Perrott
Margaret Robinson
Eileen Reynolds
Elizabeth Reynolds
The Rosenclaire Group
Felicity Scott
Enid Shephard
Des Sonnenfeld
Sandra Strauss
Alisa Tudhope
Denise van der Westhuizen
Ester Verity
Karl and Birgit Wirtz
Tienie Zeeman.


When an international development agency decides to support a charity, they do a thorough and careful investigation, inspect finances, scrutinise three years of audited accounts, probe all the nooks and crannies of the organisation, needing to know in detail what the organisation hopes to achieve with their financial support. They set high standards and measure our outcomes. We are humbled, honoured, and grateful to have the support of the following foundations.

• Misereor (Germany)
• USA Windfall Foundation (USA)
• Valentine Trust (UK)
• Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany)
• Porticus (Netherlands)


We are eternally grateful to the following trusts and foundations for their unwaivering support over the years. You have been a real lifeline to this organisation.

• Rawbone Trust
• Saunders Trust
• Gray Trust
• Penso Trust
• Schwarz Trust
• E.R. Tonnesen Trusts administered by Low and Co

Additionally, we want to thank the below organisations who have, in various ways, enabled us to continue our work amongst rural children and their families. We thank you most sincerely.

• The Ackerman Family Foundation
• The Douglas Jooste Trust
• The Dandelion Trust
• The Joan Grover Charitable Trust
• The De Waal Educational Trust
• The Thalassa Trust
• The Jephcott Charitable Trust
• The Gormely Trust
• The Loseby Trust
• The Graaff’s Trust


Where would we be without you? Serving on committees, working at POP centres, assisting in our Help the Rural Child charity shops, knitting, collecting bottle tops (one ton of bottle tops = one wheelchair), the list is endless. During the worst time of the Covid pandemic over 160 of you came out, day after day, seven days a week and helped serve over 600 000 meals from our POP Centres, and in doing so putting your own health at risk. We couldn’t have done it without you. Each one of you have been an invaluable source of help and inspiration to the rest of us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


There are a great many generous people who support the work of Goedgedacht in a quiet and unobtrusive way; who need to know that we are deeply grateful for your help in making Goedgedacht successful. You respond so generously to our endless appeals. You gave regular donations that have kept the wheels of Goedgedacht turning. We are deeply indebted to you.

We thank those of you who buy from our charity shops and those who donate goods to sell, you are very important to us as are those of you who use your My School Card when shopping at participating retailers, those who buy our products at Pick ‘n Pay and buy from our Goedgedacht Trading’s online shop, we thank you.

Finally, to all those of you who have donated an olive tree in our Goedgedacht Olive Peace Grove to celebrate an occasion or remember a loved one, we thank you.


We thank you for always going the extra mile and doing everything in your power to create a stronger South Africa and make this country of ours a happier, kinder and more prosperous place to live in. Thank you, for your contribution and may you all continue to draw our rural children out of poverty and help them to a better way of life.


You have given unstintingly of yourselves and at times have had to make difficult decisions. You keep the wheels of the organisation turning smoothly. We thank you for your generous and wise counsel over the years.

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