Our Generous Donors

We owe a great debt of gratitude to many people, institutions, trusts, companies, schools and government departments.

On a National Level, officials from all these Departments and Authorities have gone out of their way, time and time again to make resources available. Local, Provincial and National Government Departments help us improve our services to rural children, especially:

  • The Department of Education,

  • The Department of Health,

  • The Department of Agriculture,

  • The Department of Social Development,

  • The Department of Trade and Industry,

  • The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

  • Swartland Municipality,

  • Bergrivier Municipality,

  • West Coast District Municipality,
  • Moorreesburg District Municipality.

To the Mayors and Councillors of our Communities where we work, the other stakeholders in all their relevant departments; the town planners, the building inspectors and to the behind the scene administrator ninjas we cannot THANK YOU enough for your hard work and kindness!

International Development Agencies

A special thanks to our generous friends at

  • Misereor in Germany,

  • The Valentine Trust in England,

We want you to know that your on-going support allows us to develop solutions for long-term transformation. As foundations, you help us achieve the goals we set for ourselves and help us create support networks which will have a lasting effect on the children in the POP programme. This, in turn, helps us to build our own self-sustaining networks.

We would further like to give our greatest thanks to the following donors:  The amazing generosity and support from all of you continue to allow us to reach out even further and help the forgotten children of South Africa.

  • The Prince Albert Community Trust

  • Grassroots Group,

  • The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund,

  • Home Choice,

  • Joan St Ledger Lindbergh Charitable Trust,

  • The Claude Leon Foundation,

  • Cabrini Trust,

  • St Ola’s Trust,

  • PPC,

  • FC Robb Foundation,

  • Gray Trust,

  • Rawbone Trust,

  • Saunders Trust,

  • Penso Trust,

  • E.R. Tonnesen Trust,

  • Schwarz Trust,

  • The Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation,

  • The Hibbert Family Trust,

  • The Green House,

  • Lieben Group,

  • Ackerman Family Foundation,

  • Gourmet Foods,

  • Woolworths,

  • HEB,

  • CTG

Our Generous and Loyal Friends who have been waving the red flag for rural children trapped in poverty standing by our side for many years – THANK YOU!!

Our Staff

Here is a group of South Africans who are doing everything in their power to create a stronger South Africa and make this country of ours a happier, kinder and more prosperous place to live in. Thank you for your contribution and may you all continue to draw our rural children out of poverty and help them to a better way of life.

Our Volunteers

These are the unsung heroes of our organisation; they often pass silently through and never get the acknowledgement they richly deserve. They give of their time, their skills and wisdom and I want to take this opportunity to salute them and thank them for their contribution to helping us help rural children.

Our Trustee Team

As a development organisation we are always growing and learning, mounding ourselves with the tides of change. We are very blessed to be guided and supported by this team of very busy consummate professionals who give freely of their time and expertise to help us be the best we can be. Our Trustees meet throughout the year to review our work our finances and self-interest issues.

Thank you from all of us!

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