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MEET OUR TEAM: Elzanne Bolsen (Riebeek Kasteel)

Goal setting is a process that starts with careful consideration of what you want to achieve, and ends with a lot of hard work to actually do it.

28 year old Elzanne Bolsen does not only set goals, she smashes them!

“As a little girl,who grew up on a farm, I always wished that I could be one of the POP centre children” says Elzanne “I struggled with school work and battled to keep my chores at home up to date, and as much as I sometimes wanted to escape, we simply lived too far away for me to participate in any of Goedgedacht’s many school activities”

At a very young age Elzanne decided that she will someday be part of the Goedgedacht team where she will have the opportunity to support other little girls just like her. In 2016 Elzanne attended and completed courses through Goedgedacht’s The Leadership Academy and accomplished exactly what she set out to achieve – all whilst raising a gorgeous little baby boy.

Today, Elzanne manages all operation at the Riebeek Kasteel Path onto Prosperity centre where she and her team are supporting vulnerable families with a farm-cooked meal every single day.

Passion takes guts and the ability to challenge what others may think but for Elzanne, it is all about being the pilot of your own fate. Her passion for children is her driving force and the strength that pulls her through on the days where she is deeply concerned about the welfare of her 3 year old son should she get infected with the COVID-19 virus.

“I honour God for His favour and blessings over my life so that I can in turn be a blessing to others. I will keep encouraging children to set goals and to carve a bright future for themselves and I promise to walk the path with them”

Thank you Elzanne, we appreciate you.

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