Two of our Stars

Two of our Stars

“Goedgedacht’s Care for the Planet is committed to seeing rural transformation take place with the community leading.  At the forefront of this movement are 2 staff members who have been doing amazing work in their respective projects. Jafta Hendricks is leading community food security transformation.  His project supports more than 2500 home gardeners encouraging the food security of their families and the community. Valda Adams is spearheading a project aimed at young people teaching them the basics of project management.  This is giving them the skills to conceptualize and develop projects that they believe will shape the future of their communities.


In an order to improve the quality of their work and the standard of the facilitation they bring to the community Jafta and Valda recently earned a National SETA Accreditation in Facilitation. This advancement means that the work they do and the way they do it is set to become even better.


We are extremely proud of the hard work they have put in to achieving this national accreditation.  We know that they will make us proud with their passion, commitment and skill in working with community members to inspire, motivate and support them to transform their community.


Well done Valda Adams and Jafta Hendricks!


You can expect to hear more in the progress their projects are making towards transforming rural communities.”