Louise and Lesley Bartholomeus Klip

The best soup in the world!

Photo above: Louise and Lesley, Bartholomeus Klip.

Message from our MD

Dear Friends,

Few sectors of our economy are as heavily affected by the COVID 19 pandemic as guesthouses. Despite the lockdown regulations that prevented Bartholomeusklip Guest House near Hebron from doing business, the owners decided to make their cooks and kitchens available to prepare delicious soups for Goedgedacht’s various food kitchens.

The soup is very popular because it always has meat in it. The Bartholomeusklip team works in two teams of six: one week the one team makes soup and the other works on the farm. Next week, the teams will switch. Since March 1st, the teams have already prepared 14,000 x 500 ml servings of soup.

The ingredients used so far for the soup include 900 kg carrots; 1,500 kg potatoes; 1,400 x 500 g bags split peas; 680 kg wild boar from the farm; 300 kg Eland from the farm and 260 kg beef from the farm.

Along with the soup, the guesthouse has already donated 1120 loaves of bread.

See more of the Bartholomeus Soup Kitchen on their website here.

Goedgedacht and all the beneficiaries of the delicious soup would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Bartholomeusklip.

You are COVD 19 heroes!

Yours sincerely,

Deon Snyman

Deon Snyman
Managing Director Goedgedacht Trust

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