The Baby Box

Dear Friends & Family of Goedgedacht Trust

Edith, the wife of a seasonal farm worker, was newly married and had always wanted a child but she felt this was not a good time. Her husband’s seasonal work and concern with money made her wonder if there would ever be a good time?

Then she found out she was pregnant and she felt a cold dread.

How was she going to look after the baby? Who could she turn to for guidance and advice? What would her husband say? Edith felt lonely, scared and helpless. They had tried very hard not to have a child and when she told him she knew he would be very worried.

Then Edith met Anna, our community worker, at a farmyard meeting. Anna suggested that Edith talks to Marise, the social worker from Goedgedacht’s First Thousand Days Project.

When Edith met Marise a whole new world of joy, happiness and peace opened up to her. Marise gave her a big hug and congratulated her on her pregnancy and she just burst into tears of relief. Here was somebody to answer all of Edith’s questions.

What should she eat while she was pregnant? She had heard stories about alcohol? Where could she get affordable clothes for the baby? How would she get to the doctor? What were the most affordable nappies to use?

Marise knows how much these new mothers need her and how important the work she does is for the community. Many of these pregnant mothers come from homes that are desperately poor and have almost nothing. It is vital that mothers receive the knowledge on how to feed, stimulate and cherish their newborn babies.

Marise finds that not only do the pregnant mothers have so little but they also don’t have the knowledge of where to get the clothes, oils, powders or soaps for their babies. Providing this information and support is exactly what Marise does each month in the eight workshops she hosts at our Path Onto Prosperity (POP) Youth Centres.

The birth of a child is a momentous occasion and Marise feels that it needs to be celebrated in some special way. She feels that a ‘Baby Box’ is the right sort of gift.

She knows that a ‘Baby Box’ has an important role to play, it makes the mother feel very special. A Baby Box would contain a baby bath, baby powder, hand sanitiser and nappies.

With your help, Marise can put together a Baby Box for the new mothers to give them a helping hand and encourage them to attend the workshops.

The cost of a Baby Box would be about R300 and we want to reach as many mums as we can.

Please help us to make the arrival of a newborn baby a special moment!

Many thanks and yours sincerely
Peter Templeton
Director/Social Worker

P.S. These Baby Boxes are a godsend to mothers that have the very barest minimum, ensuring that they are not alone and that we care for them.