Path Onto Prosperity (POP)

Path Onto Prosperity Programme

The Goedgedacht Trust was initiated to assist in the transformation of disadvantaged rural communities and through our flagship strategy, the Path Onto Prosperity (POP) programme, we have successfully developed several interlinked programmes, accessible to all rural youth.

The Path Onto Prosperity (POP) programme primarily caters to the needs of children at different stages of their lives, starting with the first 1 000 days until adulthood.


POP Projects

Over the past two decades the Path Onto Prosperity initiative developed several interlinked programmes focusing on an Asset Based Community Development approach.

We deliver on these projects through our 6 Path Onto Prosperity (POP) centres - which all provide afterschool care services for children but also serves as developmental hubs for various community groups.



Our strategies are not only creative and sustainable but also innovative - when COVID-19 struck, we quickly adapted and launched an emergency feeding scheme, providing warm cooked meals to rural families on a daily basis. The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown affects the South African economy in very deep and significant ways and these effects are especially devastating on the already fragile livelihoods of community members in rural areas. For those living in extreme poverty, hunger is a daily battle.

To meet the challenges faced by rural communities, we launched an emergency feeding scheme providing daily meals to vulnerable families across our 6 Path Onto Prosperity (POP) centres in the communities of Riebeek West, Riebeek Kasteel, Chatsworth, Riverlands, Koringberg and Porterville.


596 872

meals served
since April 2020


1 386

families served
daily at POP centres

time cooking 2

4 032

hours spent
preparing meals

Strict protocols are in place at our Path onto Prosperity centres to secure both the safety of our POP volunteers and our community members. When we report on how many people receive meals at our POP centres, it means that only one member of a family collects meals on behalf of the family, in line with social distancing regulations.

This has been made possible through the generosity of loyal friends and partners of the Goedgedacht Trust. Donations can be made in various forms:


A monetary


Ingredients for
our daily meals


Your time and assistance
at our centres

For donation enquiries please contact Loretta Williams at or phone +27 22 482 4369.

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