Paramedics visit our Prince Albert Centre

Paramedics visit our Prince Albert Centre

At our Path Onto Prosperity (POP) Youth Centres we work hard to meet the needs of our children in identifying their strengths.  The visit on the 10 July 2019 from Paramedic Practitioner Zubaida Abelson, to facilitate the centre’s health programme, is a perfect example of this.

Zubaida taught the children how to treat burns and stop a bleed. She also showed them what to do when someone passes out and how to give CPR.

She was amazed at the amount of participation she had from the children which is a huge accomplishment.  One youngster, Eugene Charles particularly impressed her in answering all of her questions correctly before she had even started the training.  At the end of the session he could demonstrate everything that they had been taught.

Zubaida offered to facilitate ongoing three-monthly courses, teaching all the basics and concluding with a presentation of a certificate of attendance to the children.

All in all a great success storey for everyone involved. We are truly working on the motto, ‘Use what you have to secure what you don’t have’!