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Message from our MD | 12 June


Dear Friends,

Slowly we at Goedgedacht are getting used that the abnormal way of living is becoming the norm.

I find it quite difficult not to greet people with the hand or hugging people I know well.

Although social distancing prevents us from touching each other, Goedgedacht’s work continues to touch the hearts of many.

This is evident in the two stories I share today:

The first story is told by Goedgedacht’Health and Safety Officer, Sergio La Meyer:

On his way to deliver food to our POP Centre feeding programme in Riverlands, Sergio discovered people blocked all the roads to the village. The local community was protesting because the electricity to the village was sabotaged. An elderly woman saw Sergio’s predicament and asked what his business was. When he mentioned he was from Goedgedacht and about to deliver food, a few young people overheard him and then told the crowd “Do you guys know who Goedgedacht is? It is a great place. We learned so much when we were students at Goedgedacht’s Leadership Academy Programme. That programme changed our lives. No man, Goedgedacht is good people. You must let this man go through”.

The second story is captured in a letter I received this morning from Zukiswa, the first COVID 19 + patient that recovered at the Goedgedacht Recovery Centre (I am using her own words):

I want to share this message with everyone who is tested positive with the coronavirus. l am one of them, but l am already pass the difficulties and I would say the treatment I get it like healthy food I appreciate it so much. I want everyone who is tested positive to have their dignity respected. Everyone must get tested so that you can know your status. I will emphasize to everybody to get tested now. On my side, I feel free and better. I have no words. I thank you Goedgedacht. I want to say thank you to the whole Goedgedacht Team. What a nice place you provided for people to recover from the virus everyone. In my quarantine, I want to say everyone who takes care of that difficult time thanks to you, and I appreciate everything like food, care, and love. May God bless them all. Thank you!

Despite the coronavirus, we are still able to touch people.

To our many donors, I would like to say a big thank! You are touching the hearts of many people benefitting from Goedgedacht’s interventions


Yours sincerely,

Deon Snyman
Managing Director


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