Goedgedacht Pre-School Graduation

Celebrating the Goedgedacht Pre-School graduation

The Riebeeksrivier Pre-School activities on Goedgedacht farm were severely affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. Not only was the school forced to close during the lockdown period, but in May the nearby Goedgedacht Leadership Academy was transformed into a COVID 19 isolation centre.

With the lifting of the lockdown, the pre-school remained closed as parents were not comfortable sending their children to school with an isolation unit close by. At the end of August the isolation unit closed and Goedgedacht was in a position to plan for the re-opening of the Grade R and pre-Grade R learners on the first of October 2020. Elizabeth van Dyk, Jolene Owies, and Stacey-Lee Appollis were responsible for teaching the children.

On Sunday the 29th of October the children and parents gathered at the school for the graduation ceremony. It was a joyous occasion for parents and children. Many pictures were taken of proud families showcasing the graduation certificates. The event was a very hopeful occasion as the impossible was made possible.

Many thanks to Elizabeth, Jolene, and Stacey-Lee for a job well done.

Photo: (from left to right: Jolene Owies (teacher); Stacey-lee Appollis (teacher) Jano Jacobs and family

Yours sincerely,

Deon Snyman

Deon Snyman
Managing Director Goedgedacht Trust

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