Care For The Planet

As part of Goedgedacht’s COVID-19 Seven Support Strategies, our Care for the Planet project plays a critical role in securing nutritious food for families in lockdown. From this perspective, our current strategy is to make sure that as many homes as possible have access to seeds to enable them to grow organic vegetables, so that over the lockdown period they remain busy, engage with their family members and to help other community members realize the vulnerability of rural families when they rely on transport systems to bring food to them. Enabling communities to grow their own vegetables, will secure food for the families during the coming months.

Herewith a breakdown of the total number of active gardens across the communities where we work:

In Koringberg Sammy and his team distribute packets of seed to the gardeners. Our Goedgedacht team also gives them plants to pack and distribute along with the seeds.

In Chatsworth Aunty Rose and her group pack seeds and some of the high school learners distribute the seeds to the gardeners in the area.

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