Care for the Planet

Every ambition starts with a challenge. At Care for the Planet, our challenge is food security: ensuring that sufficient, safe and nutritious food is physically and economically available to those who need it.

Our Challenge

The global food security challenge is pressing: by 2050, the demand for food will be 60% greater than it is today, and 9 billion people will need feeding.

Locally, Southern Africa is suffering its worst drought in 35 years. Combined with our high unemployment rates and slow-moving economy, the chief method for people to access food will be through what they themselves can produce. What are we doing to future-proof our rural communities for this eventuality?

Our Goal

Our approach is rooted in the principals of food sovereignty: empowering local communities to be able to own the production of their own food. We’re part of a global movement of forward-thinkers, pushing for decentralised ownership of food production, rather than the current system which is dominated by international market institutions and corporations. Our goal is to create an enabling environment in which local people have the tools and knowledge to empower themselves, and develop their own sustainable livelihoods.

Our Actions

Care for the Planet is helping to build resilient, rural communities in the Swartland, Riebeek Kasteel, Riebeek West, Paarl and Cederberg areas. These 4 projects are how we are making it happen:

1.    10 community gardens

Our community gardens are found at the Goedgedacht Trust’s POP (Path Onto Prosperity) centres. They form part of a holistic program aimed at uplifting children in South Africa’s rural communities, through personal development, health and nutrition, education, and environmental consciousness. The gardens are run by an inspired team of ‘food souljahs,’ using organic, permaculture techniques that are sustainable and gentle on the planet. These spaces bring community cohesion, a connection to nature, and a source of valuable fresh produce.

2.    800 home gardens

Our support in developing home gardens across communities means households have access to a subsistence crop, as well as the opportunity to sell fresh produce. We connect farmers to a market of citizens looking for good local food, through the establishment of community markets, as well as connection to online retailers of organic and ethical products, such as Green Road and Ethical Co-Op.

3.    80 small businesses

Upliftment and stabilization of rural communities relies on a steady supply of employment opportunities. We are working alongside communities to develop small businesses in the form of nurseries, bakeries, honey production and tree sales. We assist with the necessary asset framework to get started, and help to develop an ecosystem of markets and other avenues for reliable demand.

4.    10 000 trees

With trees fostered and planted by local communities, our aim is to ‘green’ rural areas to provide much-needed shade, as well as the infinite list of other benefits that trees have on the planet.

Get Involved

We’re gaining ground every day, but we’ve got some big tasks ahead! Our two-year plan sees the successful completion of the above key projects, and with this, real transformation in the communities with which we work. You can help us achieve this by:

  • Making a monetary donation

  • Volunteering your time

Please contact to find out more.