Saving water at our POP Centres

Saving water at our POP Centres

With the recent severe draught in the Western Cape, our Care for the Planet team had to make a plan to ensure the gardens in our communities and at our POP Centres survive.

Part of their plan was to give water saving tanks to the POP Centres. These tanks have been a real life saver, especially when the rains started to come and the tanks could catch a lot of water.

The Care for the Planet team have been working relentlessly in our communities to help people start gardens and have started over 1000 home gardens in the nine communities where we have a presence.

These gardens are such an important source of nutritious food for our children and their families.

We wish the team all the best as they start on their new goal of planting 10 000 trees! We know you can do it! They have already planted 1023!

If you’re interested in this project or would like to donate a tree to a rural community, please contact