POP’s Home Gardens

POP’s Home Gardens

The Care for the Planet department at Goedgedacht Trust works on raising environmental awareness within the broader Trust communities. This includes working with children at the POP centres and reaching out to parents in their neighbourhoods.

By developing home gardens households have access to a subsistence crop, as well as the opportunity to sell fresh produce. We also try to connect our home-gardeners to a market of neighbours looking for good local food.

Our core focus is to ensure food security in the community. To this end we will be giving some 200 fruit trees, as a reward, to all our home gardeners in Prince Albert. You might not know but, of all the communities in which the Trust operates, Prince Albert has the most home gardeners. And we would certainly like to encourage more.

The trees will be donated to those who are part of our food gardening community. This way they’ll be properly tended by people who are already caring for their gardens and using grey water. Round about May 2018 we’ll be asking our community members to dig the holes and prepare them for planting.

And in case you’re wondering… as the weather changes, trees are the most effective element we can use to maintain ground stability and reduce the loss of water from the soil.

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