POP Sports Day

POP Sports Day

For those readers who might like to know a little more about the Goedgedacht Trust: it is primarily an educational & charitable trust, working to relieve poverty issues affecting farm workers in the Swartland area. The trust was established in 1993 and took its name from the farm on the slopes of Kasteelberg near Riebeek Kasteel on which it was founded. Through the POP programme our in uence now reaches further a eld. Goedgedacht, dating back to 1704, has been beautifully restored, and it was there that we held our POP Sports Day on 30th September.

Our newly appointed POP Youth Centre Manager Chandré Suman, accompanied her enthusiastic team all the way from Prince Albert. The group travelled by train and it was a great experience as many of them had never before had the chance to leave town.

The weather was perfect and the day lled with fun and laughter, ensuring that everyone who participated had a wonderful time.

The event was organised by our Goedgedacht Sports Coordinator Karools Wilskut with the help of our POP team. Everyone enjoys the vibe and enthusiasm when our different POP Youth Centres get the opportunity to do something together.

POP Prince Albert de nitely has a lot of talent! The children particularly enjoyed the dancing, hula hooping, rope skipping and cross-country bike riding as can be seen from the photographs.

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