Youth Leadership Training Centre

The POP Youth Leadership Training Centre was built as a much needed extension to the established POP programme. ​

The centre was built in 2014 with generous funding from Lotteries Control Board and the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. This centre offers post-matric training courses that assist school leavers (18-25 years) prepare for life, work or tertiary education, with a heavy emphasis on Leadership and giving back to their own communities.

The course content includes:

  • Basic business skills and preparation for the work place;
  • Computer and internet training including social media;
  • Personal development modules including, problem solving, conflict resolution, teamwork and youth leadership;
  • Opportunities to build language and communication skills, resilience, confidence and self- esteem;
  • Community development and service;
  • Creative opportunities for expression in art, drama, music;
  • Exposure to environmental “green” initiatives, such as Permaculture training and recycling;
  • Health and wellness: including hiking, boot-camp, yoga, cooking and nutrition.
  • Management skills and training: The participants will learn the basics of running a POP Centre. The will be given the opportunity to volunteer and possibly apply for positions which may become available.
  • Training of young people in their communities teaching them to run holiday programmes and find creative solutions for the lack of resources their community may face.

Right now the concept of unemployment is not the BIGGEST challenge, because job opportunities just don’t exist. What we aim to do is arm our young leaders with a bag of tricks that they can use to help them A: have the confidence when competing in the job market; B: offer them skills and access to resources that can help them study further; but C: above all we want to teach them how to survivelive self sustainably while they taking the steps to grow their capacity and become young economically contributing, social conscious future leaders in our communities.

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