POP Centres

POP Centres:

  1. POP Goedgedacht Farm: Our first POP programme originated on Goedgedacht Farm in 2003.
  2. POP Riebeek Kasteel/Esterhof: Built in 2009 and opened in 2010.
  3. POP Riebeek West: Opened in 2012.
  4. POP Paarl:  A small farm based centre since 2011.
  5. POP Prince Albert: Opened in this small desert town in the Karoo in 2015
  6. POP Koringberg: A starter POP centre made from renovated shipping containers opened in 2015.
  7. POP Riverlands: Starter POP opened in 2015
  8. POP Chatsworth: Starter POP opens in 2015

In-progress POP Centres:

(Areas which have expressed interest in POP Centres; and have begun the process of establishing one)

1. POP Porterville: PPC Cement Company will fund the building of a POP centre on land purchased in 2016.
2. POP Hermon
3. POP Gouda
4. POP Saron

How are we doing?

There have been some modest successes. Whereas 95% of children dropped out of school by the fifth year of education when we started out in the mid-90s, now all children in the POP programme go to high school and stay until they reach their highest potential. We have had 75 of our young people pass their Matric Examination (Grade 12).

We have also seen a substantial drop off in early teenage pregnancies which were very common before we started with POP, we are now seeing POP graduates in their mid-twenties having starting their families as sober attentive young mothers who are able to care for and nurture their babies beautifully.