POP Centres

POP Centres:

  1. POP Goedgedacht Farm: Our first POP programme originated on Goedgedacht Farm in 2003.
  2. POP Riebeek Kasteel/Esterhof: Built in 2009 and opened in 2010.
  3. POP Riebeek West: Opened in 2012.
  4. POP Paarl:  A small farm based centre since 2011.
  5. POP Prince Albert: Opened in this small desert town in the Karoo in 2015
  6. POP Koringberg: A starter POP centre made from renovated shipping containers opened in 2015.
  7. POP Riverlands: Starter POP opened in 2015
  8. POP Chatsworth: Starter POP opens in 2015
  9. POP Porterville: Opened in 2018 by Minister of Mineral Resources – Samson Gwede Mantashe

In-progress POP Centres:

(Areas which have expressed interest in POP Centres; and have begun the process of establishing one)

1. POP Saron – in process
2. POP Gouda

How are we doing?

There have been some modest successes. Whereas 95% of children dropped out of school by the fifth year of education when we started out in the mid-90s, now children in the POP programme go to high school and stay until they reach their highest potential.

We have also seen a substantial drop in early teenage pregnancies which were very common before we started with POP. We are now seeing POP graduates in their mid-twenties having starting their families as sober attentive young mothers who are able to care for and nurture their babies beautifully.