Welsh team visits

Welsh visitOne of the netball teams of Llandovery College came to visit Goedgedacht as part of our International Tour Groups programme. They were with us for one day, arriving on 7 August and leaving the next day.

The visit to Goedgedacht was part of a longer tour in South Africa and one of the teachers who accompanied them said that even though it was only one day, many of the girls said it was the best part of the tour.

As they were a group of 15 girls, we thought it would be a good idea to organise a fun 'girly' night for them with our girls. We invited 15 of our POP programme girls to join them for a netball tournament; they danced more than they actually played netball!

One of the girls gave her pair of sport shoes to one of our POP youth programme girls and soon after everyone wanted to give their shoes away, unfortunately our girl’s feet are so small in comparison to the UK kids and this couldn't work. It was amazing to see the children wanting to help in such a spontaneous way, without one of the adults saying anything. They could see our girls were playing in their school shoes and wanted to help.

After netball and dinner we moved to the barn where we gave them nail polish and within no time they were painting each other's nails and doing each other's hair. The barn was decorated with fairy lights and comfortable pillows and mattresses were set up to create a very relaxing atmosphere for the girls to enjoy each other's company.

The dance teacher from the college also started some music and soon they were dancing together! Our POP programme kids love to share their South African music with the UK kids and show them their moves. Everyone had lots of fun! The evening was ended with hot chocolate and marshmallows by the fire with some tears as the girls said goodbye by singing to each other.