New Vehicle

New vehicleThursday 28 September 2017 was a day of big excitement on the Goedgedacht farm. It is the day the much anticipated and much needed new Quantum arrived!

With thanks to our generous donors, the transport team, under leadership of Jeanne Thomas, was able to purchase a new Quantum by trading in one of our old vehicles and adding donations received from our vehicle appeal.

The Quantum is now part of our fleet of vehicles and will be used to transport the children who take part in the various POP programmes at our Youth Centres. Ongoing driver training & assessment as well as vehicle safety checks are of utmost importance to ensure compliance of our transport team – the ongoing support of our donors is appreciated so much by this important group of staff.

We have realised that to really make a change in rural communities, we have to start working with children from the earliest possible age. New research into child development is stressing the vital importance of the First Thousand Days in the life of a child, particularly those children born into poverty where the problem of stunting is huge. A child’s height at two years of age was the best predictor of adult human capital and stunted children perform worse at school and are less economically productive as adults.        

Quantum busWith this in mind, we have to ensure the children have the opportunity to get to the POP centre safely where there are hot meals waiting for them as well as our dedicated staff who supports them in preparing for school. 

Thank you to all who contributed in generous donations in an effort to help us transport our children safely.