Visit from "Water Wise"

Water SafetyWe estimate that nine double decker buses full of children drown each year.  We need to change the lives of children by giving them water safety lessons in a safe learning environment.
Dr Cleeve Robertson, NSRI CEO estimates that in South Africa there are 2000 fatal drowning incidents of which 600 are children each year. We also conservatively believe that 10 times the number above suffer some form of hypoxic brain injury from non-fatal drowning incidents, with associated social and economic knock on effects, as reported in various studies and scientific journals. We therefore estimate that approximately 20 000 people suffer from fatal and non-fatal drowning each year”.

Water SafetyWe were very lucky to Host the crew from Water wise earlier this month. They taught the children how to be water wise. The value of this workshop was watching how well the children responded to learning how to perform CPR on another child had drowned.