New Bakery at Riverlands POP Youth Centre

New Bakery at Riverlands POP Youth Centre

November was a very exciting month at the Riverlands POP Youth Centre. With the help and guidance of the Goedgedacht Care for the Planet team, the Riverlands Bakery was opened. Within a few days of it’s opening, three small businesses were started! Please let us introduce our new bakers to you:

Baker number one is Ralph. After only three days, he already has orders for his bread stretching as far as Atlantis. He has even started supplying the local convenience store with loaves of bread!

Baker number 2 is Harmony. She is 18 years old, from the neighbouring village of Chatsworth and has always wanted to be in the catering industry, but has never ever baked before. On her first day of baking she baked 9 loaves of bread and sold 7 of them. Good luck Harmony with your new business.

Our 3rd baker is Dylon. He is an IT student from Riverlands and he is in his last year of studies. Dylon is 22 years old. He started baking as a way of bringing in some income while studying. Dylon says he will continue to grow this business while he starts his Computer/IT business.

The aim of the Care for the Planet team is to provide the community the opportunity to become business owners in their home towns. In this way, money and skills are kept within the community to the benefit of everyone. In this case, the humble loaf of bread is providing the bakers an income as well as providing good quality, nutritious bread at a low cost to the local community.

Let’s see how many bakeries we can help establish!