Let’s plant hope

Let’s plant hope

It is avocado season and we need your avo pips!

Our horticulturalist Mikal Lambert and his team will look after the pips and turn them into trees which will then be planted in our gardens at our Path out of Poverty (POP) Youth Centres, our community gardens and in the gardens of interested community members who are prepared to dig holes. It’s called “sweat equity”, you dig the hole and Mikal’s team gives the tree.

Avocados are a rich source of food and we are hoping to get as many pips as possible!

If you are interested to help us plant hundreds of avocado trees, please read the team’s advice on looking after your avo pips:

  1. How long do they last once they are exposed?
  • If kept dry and in the dark they can last for many months


  1. How do you store the pips while you are building up a pile?
  • Once you have eaten the avo, the pip needs to be kept dry and in the dark.
  • Preferably in the cupboard wrapped in some newspaper to absorb any moisture. If mould grows in them it’s not a problem we simply just dust off the mould and plant.


If you are interested to help our communities grow their own food, keep your avo pips for the next few months and bring them to the farm on 1 September 2018. We will have a ‘planting day’ and give you everything you need to plant your pips.

Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy a day out on Goedgedacht farm.

Let’s plant hope in the hearts of our communities!