It started with a Box of Blessings, and look what a Blessing it turned out to be.

It started with a Box of Blessings, and look what a Blessing it turned out to be.

Dear Georgina,

Tannie Sanna lives in a twilight world of soft white light in the day and deep darkness at night.

She is blind.

She lives alone on a remote Cape farm where her cottage has no running water and no toilet. The other families on the farm worry about her and are concerned that she might hurt herself so they  have been locking her up in her house during the day for the past two years.

The situation is heartbreaking.

Our community worker Anna Nobonguela has been extremely worried about Sanna for some time and took her a spare Box of Blessings Food Parcel recently. As you know the Boxes of Blessings normally go to families with children. Sanna was so overcome that she couldn’t stop crying and eventually everyone was crying! (see pictures).

This time Anna felt that she had to do more and started the ball rolling. Anna spoke to Janet Perrott who’s son is an eye specialist. Janet asked Andrew Perrott, to somehow squeeze Sanna into his busy schedule and give her a free examination, which he immediately agreed to do. (See pictures)

The good news is that Sanna has very dense cataracts on both her eyes causing almost total blindness BUT they are operable. Sanna could have her sight restored.

The bad news is that it is a very expensive operation. Andrew was prepared to reduce his fees but all the other costs would have to be negotiated. The anaesthetist, the nurse assistant, the operating theatre, the equipment needed and the lenses all cost a great deal of money. Right now the cost of the two operations is R48 000.

It was Andrew’s turn to ask friends in the State Hospital system to help.

He contacted his fellow eye specialists at Groot Schuur Hospital, Dr Colin Cook and Tannie Sanna was magically whisked into Groote Schuur and her sight was miraculously restored.

Thank you Groote Schuur especially Andrew Perrott and Colin Cook for this amazing gift to a poor old lady living alone on a remote Cape farm.

What a wonderful Christmas present for Tannie Sanna and it all started with a Box of Blessings.

If you have already sent in your donation to buy a Box of Blessings for a farm worker family then thank you very much. If not then this is a gentle reminder that if you would  like to give a food parcel to a farm worker family for Christmas/New Year then there is still time. Even if your gift arrives after New Year remember that a food parcel will still be most welcome.

Thank you for your support.

Yours Sincerely,


Director/Social Worker

P.S. We all need a ‘good news’ story. I hope this one cheered you up, may you have a happy, peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and New Year, you deserve it.