Vehicle Appeal

At Goedgedacht, we transport hundreds of children every day…yes hundreds. We move them from farms around the Kasteelberg, and from the small villages around us.

We are moving babies from as young as three months old to teenagers. They all make use of our bus and our combis.

Our bus, two Combi’s and eight bakkies are constantly on the go: Picking up children, dropping people at clinics or hospital, buying tons of food, visiting farm workers or our POP centres.

We have a transport team who look after the vehicles. Sadly, however hard they work; they cannot slow down the ageing of our transport fleet.

The time has come to trade in one of our Combis. We have picked up a compound fracture as a result of the corrugations and potholes on these terrible farm roads. The transport team will get it fixed up before we part company but it’s time to let it go. We just cannot run our programme one Combi short.

Please could you help us buy a new one – sadly it is too much of a responsibility to buy a vehicle of this sort second hand. You have been so generous in the past on the issue of safety that we have the courage to turn to you once again for support.