Seed Appeal

Most people in South Africa have “water” on their mind these days. It’s either floods with all the top soil being washed away or terrible droughts. We are in the dry area and our children and their parents are desperate for water and it’s very easy for them to lose heart.

So what do we do? How can we stop these families falling into despair? We say it’s back to basics. GROW YOUR OWN FOOD. Use the small amount of grey and roof water you have to feed a few cardboard trays of seedlings.

Let’s prepare for the coming winter in the belief that the rains will come.
Get an old cardboard box, fill it with soil, put it on a flat surface in a shady spot and plant seedlings. Lay them out carefully in rows and sprinkle them with the little water you have, take care of them and enjoy watching them grow.

Our horticulturist Mikal Lambert and his team have set themselves the task of establishing 800 organic vegetable gardens by December 2018. Working in the 9 villages where we have POP youth centres he is already well on his way with 662 gardens already in place, and he is confident he will reach his goal.

How is he going to reach his target? He is going to provide families with vegetable seeds, some compost and advice. Please help us reach as many families as possible by supporting our seed appeal.