Boxes of Blessings

I think rural children are special. They have a simple kindness and generosity towards each other which is so unusual that it takes your breath away.

We had a small celebration for the children on the farm and there was a large cake, some cool drinks, crisps and small box of smarties for each child.

One of our community workers took the children back to their homes on the farms and sitting next to the community worker in the front of the car was a six year old little girl. On her lap was the unopened box of smarties.

“Why haven’t you eaten your sweeties?” asked the community worker. The little girl looked up shyly and said “I am taking them home for my little sister and brother”. I get a lump in my throat every time I tell that story.

Here is a child with next to nothing and yet willing to share the little she has with her brother and sister.

Farm families have very little, they demand very little and are deeply
grateful for everything that you do for them. They also look after and share with each other. Always ready to take the stranger in and share with them the little they have. It is a privilege to know them and to stand with them in their struggles.

So the one time in the year that we go out of our way to make sure that the poorest families that we know have enough food (and a few goodies) is the Christmas/New year period.

Our annual Boxes of Blessings has become a much longed for gift and greatly appreciated. Our Community Workers love giving them out as it is such a joyous moment in the lives of these families.

You have been very generous to this appeal in the past and I ask you once again to please support our annual Boxes of Blessings appeal.

For R350 we can give each family a substantial boost to get them through the difficult times between the various harvests.

The contents of a Box of Blessings includes staple food items which we will buy but then we will add to that any small items that we have been storing up during the year such as toiletries, clothes, etc…