• 10606431_10152633258081690_5724245165167593395_n POP 8
    POP 8 in Prince Albert is popping up Rosie Jones and Ingrid visited the building site, in Rondomskrik, and couldn’t...
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  • 10659220_10152618720801690_2000909126249239906_n Thank You
    A huge thank you to our Australian friends, Shana and David, who donated a television and DVD player to our...
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  • 10653292_10152620084466690_437034099691328049_n Struggles in Saron
    What a beautiful picture with the Spring flowers coming out on this sunny day in Saron rural community and yet...
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  • 15229_10152616399796690_4083097725765575534_n Farewell KES
    We were very sad to say goodbye to our friends from King Edward VI Southampton, but we are left with...
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  • SAM_1616 New Charity Shop
    It gives me great pleasure to present our new Help the Rural Child Charity Clothing shop in Adderley Street, Cape...
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  • 10377170_10152606603871690_8916977157283580337_n A little escape
    These pictures may look to you like it is just a bunch of young people having fun. But to us...
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