Every donation we receive helps us to take rural South African Children on a Path out of Poverty. From education, to food and clothing, blankets and toys, and just providing them with a safe place, we ensure that these children are given the best chance to succeed.
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Sponsoring a Child is all about helping African children to escape the many ‘poverty traps’ that they find in their lives. For just R125 a month you will be able to assist our rural children as they try to blossom and grow into educated and responsible citizens.
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Do It 4 Charity is a website that allows anybody who wants to run, walk, paddle, swim or cycle for charity to set up their own fundraising blog on their website free of charge – and then encourage friends, family and business colleagues to support their efforts.
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For R350 we can give each family a substantial boost to get them through the difficult times between the various harvests. The contents of a Box of Blessings includes staple food items and any small items that we have been storing up during the year.
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Our new netball court

We have had such an exciting week at Goedgedacht. With a generous donation from St Mary’s School Ascot in England, we have been able to upgrade our netball court significantly! Our netball girls were so excited to play their

Family Camp on Goedgedacht

Our Social Worker, Community Worker and First Thousand Days practitioner worked together to organise a family camp which
4 Team Action - Raking 2 (7)

Olive Harvest on Goedgedacht

The 2019 Olive Harvest on Goedgedacht has begun. Two teams of six local farm workers are working hard raking, gathering,
Tanks ariving

Goedgedacht Trading Upgrades

The time has finally arrived! Our Trading Company’s new machinery built by Filmatic arrived this week! We received three

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Make a contribution to the transformation of impoverished rural communities

The Trusts aim has been to develop a creative, effective, sustainable and replicable model for community development in rural areas, which offers children and youth safe spaces and opportunities to break out of the cycle of poverty that have trapped their families for generations.