• 10430431_10152542071551690_1110028885735428137_n ARK Update
    Three years ago, the youth and I watched the movie called “Evan Almighty” in which a politician was asked to...
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  • 1441472_769902386370314_1847886757_n Scarf Sale
    Join us on Friday, 25th July 2014, for the 3rd Annual Goedgedacht Pre-School Fundraising Morning Tea & Scarf Sale at...
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  • 10501904_10152531238986690_4089949374189989391_n Welcome St Albans
    The fun never stops at Goedgedacht farm. We have been lucky to receive a visit from the St Albans High...
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  • 10552563_10152521942451690_2358344122306254238_n Thank You Naartjie
    A HUGE thank you to the Naartjie Love Foundation who donated 21 000 pieces of Naartijie clothing to our POP...
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  • 10449475_10152529087656690_7396929205442138295_n Welcome Back
    Today, we welcomed back Pate’s Grammar School who visited us two years ago. A team of 40 boys and 5...
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  • 10454998_10152519338991690_6749215938457880761_o Baby Unit
    Only two months old and these twin boys have already begun their paths out of poverty by attending our baby...
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