• 11034234_10153034783496690_7306624495814477400_n Hope
    I am sitting here thinking who would have thought that our farm worker children, who...
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  • 11024755_10153037739136690_2229544135040603819_n POP Judo
    Goedgedacht POP Judo Club is proud to announce that we received 23 medals at the...
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  • 10409128_10153035811836690_8031330757733673666_n Koringberg
    With 35 days to go before we open our POP Youth Centre in Prince Albert...
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  • 11026005_10153033612426690_5051985766076217060_n Oslo Visitors
    How wonderful to have had Kari and Marcela from Oslo University College in Norway popping...
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  • 10993483_10152995509296690_8517184281084569777_n New POP Staff
    We are delighted to welcome new staff members into the organization and the POP programme....
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  • 10469418_10153017203106690_252518619436440371_n Ibstock Place School
    Today, we were visited by Ibstock Place School that is situated on the outskirts of...
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